We offer complete in-house DVD Authoring service for commercial
. We have the capacity to offer quick turnarounds all you have
to decide is what you want. We are based on Sonic Solutions Creator and
Fusion SDI 2000 cinematic quality encoders.
DVDs Menus- Animated or Still
Upto 9mb/sec Bitrate
5:1/6:1/7:1 Dolby Digital Audio
PCM/MPEG2 Audio,Hardware DTS 6:1 ,Real time 5:1
Multi Angle
Multi Language
Multi Subtitle
Chapter Points

Internet ready eDVD
An option we now offer when playing DVD projects off Pc’s it is now possible to automatically trigger Web-link events whilst viewing a DVD so whilst talking about your product/company why not have your web page load up.
Ignores events if not played on PC contains self loading player.

This Format is basically a full Screen DVD distributed on standard CD’s anything a DVD can do a cd-DVD will do except be limited by program length and due to licensing restrictions Dolby Digital is not available.

Why put DVD Video data on CD?
Some compelling reasons to write DVD Video content on CD media:
CD Recordable/Rewritable drives and media are very inexpensive and widely
With the advent of software-based DVD players, pre DVD-ROM Pentium-level
PCs can still decode and play DVD content from their CD-ROM drives.

Delivering DVD content on cDVD is desirable to any content provider who has short form material (15 minutes or less) that needs to be delivered with the image and audio quality of DVD, but without the expense of the blank media and burner.
Examples of this are:

Videographers wishing to demonstrate their wares or produce a short version of a
longer video for distribution.
Commercial real estate companies, tour companies, or anyone wishing to produce
a short visual guide to properties, products, or services that are available.
Highlights of a wedding video or event movie, mailed out to guests or attendees
after the event.
Class assignments.
•Advertising agencies wishing to distribute the latest cut of a commercial to their