Encoding Authoring Replication

Transform your video presentation to interactive  DVD.

Do we offer all facets of the process?   YES!

   We encode from most video sources including Dv, Beta Sp And Professional Digital.
Using the state of the art Sonic Fusion SD 1000 SDI encoder we can output the most high end
professional mpeg compliant stream available. The SD 1000 is used by movie studios and add
agencies world wide and is guaranteed to make your video breathtaking in its clarity. Dolby
digital is also rendered giving you not only a great looking picture but perfect and powerful audio.
Authoring can include unlimited menu pages with links to any part of the video including the
ability for motion menus with audio background, links to the internet, still presentations and even
interactive learning events such as a quiz.

  What makes DVD so intensive in its presentation is the extensive use of menu graphics
Our full service graphic department can not only offer innovative menu structure and design but
design layouts for the face of the disc and all external packaging.
Our state of the art replication facility creates the stamper via our Laser Beam Recorder and then
replicates the copies including inserting all packaging – delivering to you, the client, a fully
finished and professionally correct DVD program disc.

   A DVD presentation can be as complex or as simple as needed. A linear DVD presentation does
Not have any interactive functions, but is able to continually play as long as the power to the
DVD player is “on”. Once known as an endless loop in film presentation, this option has not
been available in video tape except as a repeat of the program on the master tape and at the en
playtime of the tape a long  rewind is necessary. With linear DVD we set the program to play
“continuously”. This has proved a boom for trade shows and conventions.